Bigger Toothy Tigers, Goldens & Tiny Bonus Browns…

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Today saw more than 100 Tigers arrive in the 2lb to 4lb size range ,a few goldens and some special wee browns as a bonus ! All for Havering lake ensuring sport is going to be frantic all spring long as well as a lively summer as these Tigers remain very active, highly visible and feed well in the hotter brighter months.

A small note on the tiny recent price increase on ONLY a few ticket options -A few pounds has gone on Three Springs day ticket options ONLY – the catch and keep is same at £15/20/25 for 1/2/3 fish.
Havering Lake only a £2 increase on 2 day tickets but 3 fish stays same at £50….
Stalking Pool prices remain same for 2/3 fish taking tickets…All evening tickets the same at £22, £30 & £40 for lake 1,2 & 3. This is all in relation to rising fish costs ie. a big brown 8 years ago at £4 a pound is now £10 a pound!

For small stocky rainbows the rise from 8 years ago is 40% !!! Obviously Tigers , Blues and Goldens were not stocked when I opened and are more expensive than rainbows per pound so really a couple of quid compared to 40% rise is nothing so please abide by our rules to enable all to catch that beautiful special fish be it a Rainbow, Blue, Brown (my favourite!) or Tiger (my 2nd favourite!) or Golden…So has fishing really risen at all at Thornwood Springs or are you getting a hell of a lot more for your money?? 🙂

I think the later as where else stocks Browns to excess of 20lbs ? a Tiger ,Blue or Golden -That fights like a demon ,is mint condition when stocked and feeds and lives a pure natural existence so it is up to us to preserve them like that!! Also another point where can you catch them in full health and stamina in July and August on those hot bright days that trout dont feed on, answers on a postcard please!