Brown trout for you!!

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The start of this week saw the arrival of fresh fish for all ponds and lakes here-with some low double figure browns in 10lb to 13lbs range all mint, all perfect fins, all different -some multi spotted, others only a few spots some with red spots -all very identifiable and hugely different fish. These were spread over all lakes and instantly disappeared into the depths. Exciting stuff and some lucky person will get a shock when hooking one of these ,will they land it?? That is up to them and their reactions and skills but trust me you have to be prepared and fishing the right breaking strain leader if want it to grace your net!

Also fish came for the stalking pools in 4 to 6 lb class both rainbows and more chunky blues as well as another tank of table sized fish 1.5-2lb for catch/keep end of Three Springs Lake 1 .This has been great fishing to montana and bloodworms the last month with the brown and blue trout end preferring minkies, zonkas and pitsford pea -especially the Iain Barr versions.