Busy Brownies


Here starts my fishery blog and what better way than my favourite trout -the Brown to be showing in numbers with most days in the last week recording an average of 3 browns per day with some mint red spotted beauties showing from Three springs lake 1 for some reason the red spot ones more prolific on here maybe an older strain as there are males and females stocked here before the triploid laws came in. With a few guys catching their first ever brown and some of these browns living here for a number of years so not foolish fish!! Best landed from here have this week been in 4 to 5lb range but biggest landed so far from that lake is just over 10lbs…..On other lake best of the week a 3 lber but plenty more visible browns to see in margins hunting fry as water crystal clear and suits stalking more -remember best brown landed on that 1 in excess of 14lbs!