Last week we went to see the progress of some very large browns we put aside last year to grow into next seasons biggest fish that we have ever stocked here, biggest stocked so far were 18lb rainbows and browns. These latest fish were between 15lbs and 19lbs when we weighed them -I was hoping to have a 20lber ready for Christmas stocking but they are such slow growers compared to Rainbows…

The first arrivals will be mid to high double figures so reckon 16-19lbs coming in early January and then on a monthly stocking regime of a few doubles each month while the water is at its coldest and least stress for all both the fish and me! They will hopefully settle in and I predict each one that gets caught will be that lucky anglers biggest brown trout and the biggest I am saving till last and comes here when hits my magic 22lb brown target weight – that was the weight of my first ever brown trout I caught when I was 15 !! an unofficial British record at the time and featured in Anglers Mail in 1986.

Obviously as ever here these browns are for sport and fun and all must comply with our new pure barbless hook rule to ensure a minimum stress free release for the fish as these fish dont come along every day and are not cheap!! Hoping a few lucky anglers get to see them ,better still hook one and hopefully land it, as sure to be a few stories of snapped lines going around. These latest browns will also stir up some resident equally big browns as there will be some territory disputes over the winter and into early spring-look forward to seeing you test your wits against these!!