Fathers Day Fishers!


What a great day fishing today was for all the dads out there who joined us for a day’s fishing before or after lunch! . After a week or so of just tigers and browns being caught in the daytime with all rainbows caught on lake 2 after 7pm. Of course lake 1 rainbows been snapping all day whatever the time! But this weekend all caught a few rainbows each as well as few tigers and a brown or 2. Mostly new faces fishing the first time here so all newcomers went with smiles on their faces and some first tiger or brown – Happy days!

In the last week some massive browns to see in the stalking pools, as well as rainbows recorded to 9lbs, hunting the pin fry as loads have been hatching after the golden rudd spawning a few weeks ago. We have had 15 golden rudd recorded over 2.5lbs recently with a few to see 4lb+ on the sunny days around the lily pads on all 3 lakes. Never ceases to amaze me how different all 5 species of trout that reside here all behave -the browns are either high viz or well out of sight, the tigers always hunting the margins all day just inches from the lake edge but also go under the bridge and up the stream on a regular basis in inches of water, the rainbows all further out and deeper down out of sight whilst the goldens always swimming fast and everywhere , the blues are never seen until hooked , but wont be hooked till autumn now as that one is left fallow as they are the most fragile in the heat.

Very strange weather last 2 weeks with blowing hot then cold but every day totally different so 1 day buzzers on lake 2 the next its all dry fry with dry damsel and sedge the killer patterns but hoppers and daddies good also- when cooler the gnats and midges best for sight fishing the tigers at margins, but most evenings produce a good rise and that’s when the rainbows caught on top with lots of overwintered fish showing. Three Springs Lake catch and keep end enlarged for summer time now so nearer 2 acres of fish able water and catch/release end of this lake shut till September when margins cool enough for safe releases. Catch and release available on the other 2 lakes as both deeper and not shallow edges.

This week we look forward to a Fishing For Heroes group visit, Orvis London 301 training on the water day as well as hosting with @Fishing TV, a World Fishing Day event, as part of the live filming of fantastic fishing coming to you for a whole 24 hours from over 30 locations around the world!! Every location possible, species of fish, different types of angling with great presenters both on the bank, in a boat or chatting from the studio – going to be amazing!! We are having a training day for mainly youngsters so sure to be many happy kids with their first ever trout caught on live TV!! Still a few more spots available for youngsters and older beginners to the sport we love. £25 all day, 2 fish to take, includes instruction, gear provided, BBQ lunch plus more!! Get in touch if you want to join in …Tight lines..