Happy New Year 2018 -great things to come!!!


The year ended with a million and 1 variables on the weather resulting in not many fishing over Christmas holidays but those that did all had a great day with fish caught each day fished , only 2 sunny days over the holidays and only 2 good fishing days where a few ventured out, but the odd regular or 2 fished on the horrible days in blizzards,snow and gale force wind with driving rain -the best fishing days were the 2 worst to be outside and on those days more brown trout showed in my records! They love what people don’t!! So if fancy a better chance with a wise old resident brownie make the effort to go out on the windy days.

The Tiger Trout were a great addition to the fishery as so lively and visible at all times, all summer long but come December they all disappeared from the margins and went out to deeper water where they seemed to colour up and the males lower jaw extended massively so breeding colours and antics put them off food for a while but come the full moon a week or so ago they started feeding again and featuring in my catch book again.

Noticeable figures make interesting reading -142 rainbows recorded 5 to 10 lbs with 20 over 10 lbs verses-132 browns up to 5 lbs with 19 in the 5 to 10 lbs range but none over 10lbs landed this year ,last year 14 double figure browns in catch book -wiser fish!! We stocked over 200 browns this year adding to the all ready resident population

  • 415 tiger trout recorded!! each one a first for each angler who landed one!!
  • 286 blue trout recorded up to 5 lbs

So there is another new strain coming here this year also -watch this space ! And in a week or so the start of another big fish stocking starts with all double figure brown trout coming to live here and monthly stocking of them up till April.

Also Iain Barr is doing his masterclass here for those who want to learn from a world champion this is on the 27th of January so if want to book a space call me now to confirm.

Day trip to weigh our next batch of monster Browns which will be stocked soon!!
Brown trout for you!!

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