Airflo 50m Sightfree G3 Fluorocarbon Fly Fishing Tippet Leader Material


The Airflo Sightfree G3 is one of our most popular fluorocarbon tippet/leader materials for fly fishing. Suitable for fishing for all species from Trout and Grayling through to Freshwater Salmon this line is both very reliable and highly effective.

This Fluorocarbon tippet / leader material from Airflo offers a number of benefits over regular monofilament with very few draw backs.

Fluorocarbon’s main benefit over regular monofilament is it’s invisibility in the water, thanks to its low refractive index. This makes Airflo G3 almost completely invisible in the water. It’s lower diameter ( Up to 60% lower than regular fluorocarbon ) ensures this tippet will fool even the most wary of fish.

Another benefit of Fluorocarbon in general is it’s ability to sink naturally, if you are fishing wet flies, buzzers or lures beneath the surface of the water you will find this Airflo G3 Sightfree will quickly cut through the surface tension of the water and sink effortlessly.

With higher abrasion resistant properties, this fluorocarbon is able to last longer and is highly durable. You can be sure that it will provide you with consistent performance with every use.

Fluorocarbon has the unfair reputation of having poor knot strength. If the correct knots are used and the line is lubricated during the knots assembly then your connections will be as strong as normal, if not stronger.
Every angler has their favourite knots but to get you started we would suggest a 3 turn water knot can be used when tying droppers, when tying your fly a grinner or half tuck blood knot will provide a strong safe connection.

The Airflo Sightfree G3 is available in a variety of different lengths and breaking strains that you can select from our drop down menu.


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