Cortland 444 Fly Line


The Cortland 444 Fly Lines are a true classic fly line with up-to-date features to help you achieve controlled and effortless casts. The most popular being the Peach Floating line in Weight Forward Taper, which has been the go to fly line for years.

A favourite with young and old alike, the Classic Cortland 444 features incredible suppleness to deliver delicate fly presentation and these lines boast phenomenal durability. Each line has a glass smooth finish so the line will pass through your rod guides with less friction, providing you with a smooth cast, every time.

The special taper has been designed to help you achieve tight loop control and improved casting accuracy whilst maintaining casting control at all times.

The Cortland Classic 444 Fly Lines all include Cortland’s exclusive formulation that will make their lines float high on water surfaces. This formulation also makes line pick up incredibly effortless so you don’t end up spooking any fish.

Please be aware the packaging is going through a design change and may vary. This does not affect the product.

This line features a front welded loop on each line and it is available in the variations listed below.

We source dealer boxed packs direct so are in a bag NOT a box each fly line which saves £5 so RRP £49.99 available in peach weight forward 6, #7, #8 and #9.

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