Fishing Net Aluminium Alloy Pole Fish Landing Warrior R60


With a rubberised mesh that offers excellent support and protection for fish, and helps prevent hook pulls when you’re fishing with lures on double trebles, the Fox Rage Warrior Rubber Mesh Landing Net is designed to meet the demands of predator fishing, and comes in a choice of three sizes, 50cm, 60cm, and 70cm diameter, allowing you to choose the net that suits the species you’re targeting, and ensure that your catch is completely protected while you bring it to the bank.

Extending handles give you extra reach, allowing you to retrieve fish from deep cover, and return it safely to the water.  Designed to fold away, the Warrior Landing Net is perfect for mobile anglers, and ideal for taking on holiday with you, with a robust construction that will stand up to every element of predator pursuit, and withstand the challenges of any venue, and the lively strength of any species.


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