Stroft ABR 0.14 > 0.2 Tippet 25m


The main emphasis when tuning STROFT ABR is attaining the line’s resistance to wear and abrasion. The abbreviation ABR stands for abrasion resistance. Achieving the same breaking strain as STROFT GTM is a further tuning objective.
These aims are achieved in a heat treatment process, whereby pressure is applied in order to compact the surface, making the line more resilient to UV rays and scratches. Also water absorption is reduced which improves the wet knot strength even when the line is immersed for a great length of time. As a result STROFT ABR is somewhat harder, but can still be classed as supple. Even when fished in the most gruelling circumstances, such as over rocks and mussel beds, in salt water and when attacked by the sun´s rays, STROFT ABR retains its breaking strain and knot strength like no other monofilament fishing line available. STROFT ABR is the right line for all kinds of fishing especially where breaking strain and knot strength may be tested after continuous and punishing usage. This is the line for the angler who gives no quarter and insists on fishing whatever the conditions.

free postage or free fly if collected at the fishery.

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